Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sakura Hime - Tsubasa Shunraiki

I love the story of Tsubasa and I love the character designs. Sakura Hime has so many different outfits it was so hard to choose the first one to cosplay!  I decided on her Nihon kimono from the Shunraiki OVA.  I love the simplicity of the design and the colours!  It isn't a well known or often cosplayed outfit so I wanted to share some love for it.


Tunic - The tunic was made by modifying and combining two different patterns, one for the body of the tunic and one for the sleeve.  I used Simplicity's 5840 view D for the body.  I modified the neckline of the body so that the tunic crossed over until my bust line then went straight down to my waist instead of it crossing over the entire way down to my waist line.  The collar that runs along the neckline was reinforced with interfacing and pleated every few inches to give it a more "wavy" shape.
Tunic Construction
The sleeves were made using McCall's M4491 view D pattern (It is not being printed anymore).  They are fully lined.  The sleeve hole was adjusted before cutting the fabric out so that attaching the sleeves wouldn't be a hassle and a half.  To help keep the shape of the neckline I added some snaps and velcro to act as closures.  The tunic is put on first and to help it stay closed I tie a white cord around my waist.

Pleating the collar
Under skirt - The skirt was made from the same white ponti di roma material as the tunic.  I lay down my fabric and drew a half circle in chalk.  I then drew in the waist line and cut out the skirt (one layer only).  The back seam was sewn, then the elastic waistband was attached and finally the hem was finished with a blind hem stitch.  The skirt if put on second over the tunic.  Once the skirt and tunic are in place the cord used earlier is removed.

Measuring the hem
Kimono - I used McCall's M4953 kimono pattern as the base for Sakuras.  Since her kimono is sleeveless I only took the body portion of the pattern and modified it to have the special curvature of the hem.  The appliques were added after the kimono was pieced together but before the lining was put together.  They were made from a pink satin and were bonded to the fabric using Heat'n'Bond.  I only later realized that you can't iron satin on the right side...   Once the appliques were fused to the fabric, they were stitched in place using a satin stitch.  I used a flattened out coffee filter as reinforcement for my stitches.  I learned the hard way that the Heat'n'Bond glue sticks to the needle and this causes a lot of threads to break or the machine to skip stitches.  I was recommended to used fusible interfacing next time).

Satin stitches seen on the coffee filter
The kimono is completely lined and made out of a light purple fabric.  The fibers were unknown but I think they had a polyester base since that was the ironing temp that I ended up using :P  The edging along the neckline and sleeves was made using a purple poplin fabric.  The ruffle was made using a white satin and it was attached to the hem via a dark purple single fold bias tape.  To keep the kimono from moving around too much I take the white cord and tie it closed around my waist.  I keep it in place under my obi.

Attaching the ruffle
Obi - I wanted the obi for Sakura Hime to be an actual obit that I could tie and have a pretty bow in the back.  I used the measurements for a traditional Nagoya obi and tried to the best of my abilities to make it work when I only had one meter of fabric to work with.  The obi is reinforced with interfacing and lined with a semi rigid cotton.  The final product is slightly smaller than the traditional Nagoya obi should be and I personally feel that it isn't as stiff as it should be but it still works.  I fold it in half along the length and then tie it in a bow.  I pass a purple cord through the bow and tie it in front to keep it in place.

Sash - The sash was made with a white, gauzy curtain material.  It frayed really badly so I ended up having to fray check the entire thing!  Since the sheer width of the cut was huge (I would say between 2.5 - 3 m) I didn't have to piece anything together.  I just sewed it up along the sides and the top, leaving just enough room to turn it inside out.  I was lazy and I just sewed it shut with my machine rather than slip stitching it :P  The entire thing was pressed using the synthetic setting on my iron.

Wig - Instead of spending money and time on buying and styling a new wig, I just reused my Sakura Kinomoto wig from last summer.  Actually it was my intention to use it again :)  They are essentially the same character anyways so it works out.

Sakura wig
Shoes - I still have to find shoes that would match this character.... maybe over the summer I'll purchase some geta :P

Completed costume (photo by Cyberfox007)

Monday, 2 February 2015

2015 Cosplans :D

We are now officially one month into the year 2015!  This year is going to be awesome!  I've got some groups planned for some upcoming cons, I am planning on entering some skits in masquerades and there are more people out there to befriend!  So let's take a look at my plans for this year!

The first on this list is a cosplay that I started working on almost a year ago.  Shunki is a minor character from the anime Saiunkoku Monogatari.  She may be seen in only a couple of episodes but she possesses a strange power and is super bad-ass when it comes down to helping out the main character!  I decided to cosplay her since I love that series and she doesn't get all that much love as a character.  Since she is a winter cosplay she will be debuted at Katsucon in a couple of weeks from now!

Next is Howl from Howl's Moving Castle, my first crossplay attempt!  I recently got to debut him at a small con with a Sophie and a Witch of the Waste!  Our group was so awesome and we got so many great reactions from people.  This cosplay was made specifically for the group I just mentioned but I will be wearing him at other cons this year as well.

I have a secret cosplay planned for this year!  Unfortunately I won't be able to debut it at Katsucon this year (I don't have enough time to finish it) which means I have to keep it secret until the Spring!!! Unless I manage to figure out a way to get it done in less than a week.... :P

Pocahontas will be my second Disney princess cosplay!  I will be teaming with my friend Anniechie who will cosplay Esmerelda.  I might be a very white Pocahontas but I will rock that costume and paint with all the colours of the wind!  I chose to make her redesign because she has some sort of footwear (which is ideal) and I like all the little details that were added to the dress.  She will be debuted at Ottawa Comic Con.

Be prepared for my first ever villain cosplay!  I absolutely loved Delphine's character from Last Exile but I hated her main outfit.  I liked her younger version better, even it if only appeared in the anime for a grand total of two minutes :P  I hope to debut her at Anime North this year but I'm not too sure if I will have the time/money to complete her by then.  We shall see!

Last but not least I will make Fuu for a complete Magic Knight Rayearth Group for Otakuthon!  I am really excited for this one.  I love flowy fabrics, magical girls and massive swords so Fuu was the perfect choice for me to cosplay!  Green is also my favourite colour so that is an added bonus!  I expect her to be my most expensive cosplay to date so I will have to try and start hunting down for those sales now!

I also have some commissions that I will be finishing this year.  Princess Zelda and Link are already started, I just have to finish them before Montreal Comic Con this summer.  Hikaru will be a joint effort between all member of our group as the girl cosplaying her has never cosplayed before!  Malon will be made for a very dear friend of mine and I hope to get it done by the time summer comes around.

I do want to make other costumes this year as well but I think that those ones will only happen in the fall.  All right, lets do this!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


I'll admit it, I never played any Zelda game in my life!  As kids, my brothers and I were not allowed videos games so we never had access to them.  If there was any game that I would play however, it would have been a Legend of Zelda game.  I ended up cosplaying as Sheik to team up with a friend who commissioned a Princess Zelda costume from me.  I was very afraid of tackling this costume as there are a ton of layers and it was quite difficult to pick out the details and colours.  I chose to cosplay a version which was described as "twilight princess concept art."  It is very similar in design to the Super Smash Bros character but with darker colours.


Shirt - In order to make the shirt, I took my Green Pepper "Crystal Lake" Skating Pattern with sleeves and modified the leotard into a shirt.  I used a navy blue knit fabric that offered a decent amount of stretch in both directions.

Completed Shirt
Leggings - The leggings were made using a thick, dark navy blue spandex.  I drafted the pattern using this tutorial I found online.  These leggings are sooo comfy!  I can wear them as normal clothes which is an added bonus ;)

Legging Construction
Harness - The harness has an interesting design to it.  I had to draft my own pattern for it using the old saran wrap and packing tape method.  It's always difficult to wrap yourself and draw on yourself even when you have a long mirror to help you out.  Luckily, the harness is symmetrical and so I only needed to get one side of my pattern right.

Harness Pattern
Once I was cut out of the pattern, I traced it on newspaper and added my seam allowance.  I cut out the pieces from a black, medium weight material as well as a medium stiff interfacing.  I sewed the interfacing to the matching black pieces before sewing everything together.  I designed the harness to have a halter top to keep it from sliding down my body as well as a functional lace up front.  The back of the harness attaches to the tabard with pins.  The harness has decorative stitches along the seam lines to give the illusions that they are holding the garment in place.  It also has two long straps on each leg with velcro fasteners to facilitate the support of the thigh armour.

Completed Harness
Armour - The armour was pretty difficult to figure out due to the colours in the image kind of melding together and the armour having strange shapes.  I ended up going with a soft armour look using craftfoam covered in fabric.  The calf armour was easily drafted by saran and tape wrapping my leg and cutting out the pattern.  The thigh armour was sketched out first, then with some careful measurements I hand drafted a pattern on newspaper, making it larger than required.  I then wrapped the pattern around my thigh and made adjustments to the pattern until I liked it.

Thigh Armour Construction
The armour for the arms was drafted using the saran and tape method once again (I swear by this method for pattern drafting).  The forearm pattern that was produced was altered to have a part that extended over the back of the hand while the shoulder armour was darted to make the rounded shape.

Shoulder Armour Construction
Once all the patterns were created, they were traced onto the craftfoam and cut out.  The patterns were transferred to the fabric with extra allowance along each edge.  The fabric was then glued to the craftfoam with hot glue.  The extra fabric was turned to the back and glued in sections.  Along curved edged the fabric was clipped or folded over to create a smooth curved edge.  The thigh armour had white bias tape glued along the edge while the arm armour had the white detailing painted on.

Painting the Trim on the Forearm Armour
Once all the fabric was glued onto the foam, the eyelet holes had to be punched.  Some armour pieces had to be punched using a hammer and a eyelet puncher on my floor (which caused holes to appear in the wood tiles all over the place) while some holes could be punched using my leather punching tool.  All the eyelets had to be hammered in place which caused dents in my floor.  Note to self, must get a small piece of plywood for hammering eyelets ;)  The lacing that was used for each shoulder piece was embroidery thread, while all the functional lacing was black cord.

Calf Armour Lacing Detail
In addition, the thigh armour was modified with D-rings to attach to the harness while the shoulder armour was equipped with velcro to attach and be supported by the shirt.  After wearing the armour for a while I noticed that the craftfoam ripped along one of the D-ring attachments and that the velcro occasional would come off if the shoulder armour was removed from the shirt.  Some adjustments will be made to the thigh armour to try and prevent further damage and shoulder armour will only be removed when the short requires a wash.

D-ring Details
Craftfoam armour does not breathe so as one can assume, it can start to smell after a period of wearing it.  I use a fabric refresher on the armour to try and alleviate the smell.  I also let it dry out on my floor.  The under garments require washing after every use, even if it was only worn for an hour or two!  Therefore this is a costume that I would only wear once every con.

Bandages - The bandaged were made by taking a light weight curtain material and ripping it across the grain.  The fabric tears very nicely and doesn't fray easily so there is not need for fray check.  The forearm bandaged just required one length of the fabric while the thigh armour required two lengths sewn together and the chest bandages required three lengths sewn together.  The fingers would be taped using surgical tape.

Chest Bandages
Tabard - The tabard was hand drafted on a piece of canvas.  The edges along the bottom and the shoulders were clipped to try and give it the ragged look while the design on the front was hand drawn in pencil, primed with gesso and carefully painted with acrylics.

Completed Tabard
Scarf - The scarf was made by taking a wide length of a white knit fabric that draped nicely.  The two ends were sewn together to create an infinity scarf.  The scarf is looped around the neck twice.  The face covering part of the scarf is a seperate piece that ties behind the neck to cover the mouth and nose.

Shoes - The shoes are actually slippers with a shoe cover sewn over them.  I chose a light blue coloured slipper from Walmart as my base and drafted the shoe cover by measuring my foot and drawing out the pattern.  The pattern had a interesting design which required multiple parts to be sewn together.  I used a seam allowance of 1.5 cm which normally works out but this time it was a little too tight.  Next time I will use a seam allowance of 2 cm.  Some of the pieces had to be sewn by hand as the machine couldn't get into the really right corners.  The entire shoe cover was then sewn onto the slipper.  The cover extended up the ankle and laces up in front.

Shoe Cover Pattern
Wig - I used a long, blonde wig I got from as the wig.  As Sheik has a very strange braid, I tried to mimic it by inventing the weave which then turned into a normal braid.  The hair "bandage" as I call it was a long piece of ribbon, wrapped along the end and sewn in place.  The end piece was made using craftfoam and it was glued in place.  After a few times wearing the costume the braid came updone due to rubbing.  The ribbon wasn;t completely sewn to the wig which also caused some problems.  The next iteration of the braid will involve the ribbon being glued to the wig in hopes of it staying in place.

Completed Wig
Hat - The hat is composed of two parts, the first part being the base which is a simple cap sewn from a white knit fabric with some ripped bandages sewn along the top.  The second part is composed of two lengths of the ripped bandage fabric sewn together.  It is wrapped around the head at the base of the cap and pinned in place using bobby pins and straight pins.

Accessories - To be completed

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Cosplay Summary of 2014

This past year was a pretty awesome cosplay year for me!  I managed to complete seven costumes with four others well underway!  I feel like I've learned quite a bit.  My production speed has certainly increased and my craftsmanship is improving.  Here is my summary of the year :)

All the "First's" I Accomplished:

  • Ears and tail set
  • Clay prop
  • Use of Worbla
  • Large prop
  • Hat
  • Double mandarin collar
  • Soft armour
  • Fabric Painting
  • Applique
  • Obi tying
  • "real" wig styling 

Things I Learned:

  • Long braids get matted rather quickly
  • Lining is a really good way to give structure to garments
  • How to breathe properly in a super tight top that threatens to snap open in the back (because I had the brilliant idea of using snaps as a fastener)
  • Clay props are awkward to carry around
  • Fashion tape is really useful for keeping thigh high socks up
  • Using Worbla which is heat activated over a Styrofoam base isn't the best idea in the world... but it works!
  • Wearing capes changes my posture when I walk and thus cause shoulder pain later on
  • Carrying a prop around is annoying when two hands are required for certain tasks
  • Tailcoats are super cool!
  • Painted shoes don't stay painted for very long
  • Large bunny ears are a poking hazard for tall people
  • Wearing a bunny tail makes sitting in seats with backs uncomfortable
  • Always wear safety glasses when using the sewing machine (needles do break and they do fly in your face)
  • Punching eyelets makes holes in my floor
  • Soft armour made from craft foam doesn't breathe
  • Ripping fabric is fun!
  • Fabric wrapped braids came come undone at the worst times
  • My machine does not like satin stitching
  • If fabric gets stained by sewing machine oil, Eaze-Out is the way to go for stain remover
  • Obis are hard to tie with super long sleeves!
  • Got 2b glued is the best hairspray for wig styling ;)

Cheapest & Fastest to Construct Cosplay - Rosie Cotton

This costume seriously cost me less than $10!  I was given most of the fabric and the only things I needed to buy were a few notions.  It was also completed in a day so it was the fastest cosplay to construct as well!

Most Expensive Cosplay - Sakura Kinomoto

Even though this costume is my most expensive one of the year, it still cost me less than $200, which I think is pretty good considering how much money one can spend making a costume!  The prop I made for Sakura could have been made with cheaper materials but I wanted it to be durable and to last quite a few Sakura costume (as I plan to do many more in the future) so I opted for more expensive materials.

Longest to Construct Cosplay - Sheik

This costume is still not 100% complete (still have some minor details to add and some repairs to do).  So far this costume has taken approximately 43 hours to complete (possibly more, I'm terrible at keeping track of time).  The most time consuming part - adding all those eyelets to the armour!

Most Favourite Cosplay - Sakura Kinomoto

I finally achieved a childhood dream of mine!  I love Sakura and I love her design, it was so awesome to finally walk around with a "real" clow staff and pretend to capture all the things!

Second Most Favourite Cosplay - Sheik

It was so cool to be a ninja and walk around public in slippers!  I also got a ton of great reactions from people so that always boosts my confidence :)

Third Most Favourite Cosplay - Sakura Hime

I have not yet been able to wear this costume to an event but I love it already!  I've worn it around the house and I certainly feel like a princess in it!

Favourite Prop - Clow Staff

Hee hee this one is obvious after reading about my favourite cosplay!  It was really fun to carry around my clow staff, even if it did make things more awkward.

Favourite Convention - Otakuthon 2014

I went to a lot of amazing conventions this year but my favourite would have to be Otakuthon.  I made so many new friends at this con and had a blast cosplaying magical girls all weekend!  It was also the con that I happened to level up to the Journeyman category.

Best Masquerade Performance - Miss Hyrule at Bakuretsu Con 2014

I seem to improve with each performance I do, so it makes sense that I think my best one was the last one I did!  I opted for a completely out of character walk on and it was hilarious!  To see the performance, click here.

Biggest Cosplay Challenge - Applique for Sakura Hime

As it turns out, my machine does not like the satin stitch.  The appliques on the kimono took so long due to threads breaking, stitches not catching, machine needing oil then proceeding to stain my fabric and the Heat'n'Bond not adhering properly.

Fondest Cosplay Memory - Green Room at the Otakuthon Masquerade

I love meeting new people but I often feel that at a convention I don't get to mingle much with others unless I know them beforehand,  The green room of the masquerade is different as it forces a bunch of cosplayers to remain in their dens for a couple of hours before the show.  This allows you to meet new people and actually hang out with them for a bit!  As it turns out, I am starting to develop closer friendships with the people that I met backstage.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Rosie Cotton

This cosplay came out of no where in the two days leading up to Montreal Comic Con 2014.  I was originally going to finish all the Legend of Zelda costumes that my group and I planned to debut at the con but alas time was not on my side and I could not finish in time.  I really wanted to make something for the con so I gathered all my spare materials and decided that I had enough to make a hobbit dress.  Since it was a blue dress, I decided that it would be a Rosie Cotton cosplay!


Dress - The dress was made using Simplicity's 1771 pattern.  This entire dress only cost me less than five dollars to make.  I was given all of the fabric that I used and even the zipper!  I only had to buy ribbon and elastic for this costume.  The main fabric for the skirt and bodice was a blue gingham cotton, the front bodice panel was a blue floral cotton and the sleeves and ruffles were made from a white satin.  Those ruffles took me forever to make even as the satin didn't want to budget and I broke one of the gathering threads early on.  This is a super easy costume to wear!  I hope to make some invisible shoes for next time so that I can waltz around "barefoot" and still be protected (somewhat).

Completed costume

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sakura Kinomoto

How could I not cosplay Sakura?  Cardcaptors was my favourite show as a kid and I used to run around my house with an old broom handle which I pretended was her staff, a grey pleated skirt and a matching grey hat which I pretended was her school outfit.  There are just so many costumes to choose from so I decided to go with a costume from one of my favourite episodes of the anime... just to start (because of course I plan to make more CCS cosplays).  I ended up choosing her outfit from the shadow card episode!


Leotard - The leotard was made using a four way stretch, blue lycra, with more stretch across the grain.  I used  the Green Pepper "Crystal Lake" Skating Pattern with sleeves as a base, modifed the neckline to be a mandarin collar and added an invisiblie zipper along the back seam.  I didn't reinforce the collar as I wanted to keep the stretch in the material.

Waistcoat - Since the waistcoat had gold piping along princess seams and incorporated a tail coat, I decided to take one of my princess dress patterns and modified it heavily to give me the pattern for the waist coat.  Originally I was going to finish the seams with french seams but soon determined that a lining would give the fabric better stability (I used cheap poplin) and a better look overall (no blue colour showing through the white waistcoat).  The gold piping was made using gold bias tape and a thick cord as the base while the trim all along the bottom edged was just bias tape.  The waistcoat opens in front via two long strips of velcro.  I hand sewed the velcro to the lining.

Waiscoat construction
Cape - The cape is a 3/4 circle cloak but since I had a budget to look out for I opted for a half circle cloak.  It also has two mandarin collars which was a puzzle to figure out.  The pattern for the cape was made using a half circle for the main body folded in half.  The petals were drawn on the quarter circle and cut out so that both sides matched up.  The neckline was made large on the main cape.  The neckline was reinforced with a piece of red fabric that had a smaller neckline, thus solving the two collar situation.

First mandarin collar
The length of each neckline was measured and the mandarin collars were made based on each measurement.  Sewing the collars together was rather tricky but I managed to work in out in the end.  The hem for the cape is a simple rolled hem.  The bow was made separate from the cape.  It is attached by passing a fabric band through the bow knot.  The cape is removed by opening the band (yay for velcro).

Gloves - Like all my other gloves, I made these from a pattern that I drafted myself, modifying it to match with the stretch of the fabric.  I used a rather weird spandex/lycra material as the ribs in the fabric feel stiff when stretched out.  I had to hand sew all the fingers and even fix up some holes that popped up the entire first day I wore them :S  The cuffs were stuffed with spare ponti di roma fabric I had lying around.  The ponti di roma was layered and sewn together to give it the nice smooth look all around the cuff.  As the inserts aren't fixed to the outer fabric they tend to move around a lot when washed which means that I have to adjust them all the time.

Glove construction
Hat - This was my first time making a hat!  I found a beret pattern online and used that as the base for the hat.  I exagerated the proportions to make the hat seem bigger than my head.  The long dangling pieces were made using leftover blue lycra and gold painted craftfoam for the pendants on the ends.  They were sewn into the hat band.  The hatband turned out to be too small for my head plus the wig so it has to be pinned in with barrettes.

Wig - I had bought a wig off of thinking that it was the prefect colour for Sakura.  It turned out to be too blond.  Originally I was going to work with it but as the deadline came closer I decided that I would attempt to dye it a darker shade to match the character better.  I tried so many ways of dyeing it and the only way it would take colour was by putting four brown sharpies in a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol.  I now know that I should use a ton of sharpies to dye a wig using the method I was using.  Next time I might try and just soak the wig in the solution instead of spraying it on.

Dyeing the wig
Styling the wig
Once it dried completely I cut and styled the wig.  I teased the hair and combed untouched wefts over the bangs to make them fluffy.  To get them to stay up I coated them in got2b glued hairspray, which is the best hairspray I have ever come across!  To get the antennas I took some hair at the top of the wig and used a small clear elastic to make a tiny ponytail.  I separated in into two parts and sprayed them until they stayed in place.

Socks - I cheated and made legwarmers instead of having to deal with the whole foot thing.  I used three measurements in total, the length of the leg warmer, my ankle measurement and my thigh measurement.  I made two tubes and added elastic to both the top and bottom hems.  The elastic doesn't keep them from falling through so I ended up having to use fashion tape to keep them up.

Shoes - To get the same design that Sakura has on her shoes, I drew out the pattern and painted it with red acrylic paint.  Unfortunately the red paint has started to come off on the rubber sole part of the shoe so that will need to be touched up again.

Staff - The staff was the most time consuming part of the whole costume.  I used a one inch wooden dowel rob for the staff part and sculpted the head part out of a large foam ball, a smaller foam ball cut in two and a foam cone.  The beak was fun to carve because I had to transfer a two dimensional shape to a three dimensional shape.  It was very rewarding when I finally came up with the proper look!

Staff base
The foam acted as a base for the worbla.  I heated the worbla in pieces and molded it to the head carfully as the foam started to melt as soon as I touched it!  This made the final product lumpy and bumpy but I don't mind.  It was my first time using worbla and my first large prop and I think it looks pretty good.  Next time though I will use papier mache instead of a thermoplastic when foam is used as my base!

Basic painting
The bottom part of the staff was made by sculpting scrap pieces of worbla.  The worbla parts were then primed using a white glue.  I painted five or six layers of the white glue and then painted two layers of gesso over that before giving it the actual paint job.  The painting itself took some more layers depending on the colour used.  Finally the whole thing had to be sprayed with a protective layer which I applied three times.  The wings were made out of craftfoam and hot glued very carefully to the head to finish it up.

Completed costume

Bakuretsu Con 2014 Journal

Bakuretsucon is a small town convention located in Colchester, Vermont.  Even though the con was pretty tiny (it was held in a small hotel where some of the events were held in hotel rooms) the people were all super friendly and the atmosphere was really cozy.  I went with my boyfriend and our friend Bandit Spurs, deciding the very last minute that we would stay Friday night in Colchester at a local hotel to be in the area for Saturday.  Due to some unexpected delays, we only arrived in Colchester at 4 am!  We checked into the hotel (which was a super cute, super cheap Hollywood themed place) and crashed.  Four hours later, Bandits and I went to get breakfast before getting into our costumes for the day.

I was dressed as Sheik for the day while Bandit's was Princess Zelda.  It was so much fun walking around the con as a pair!  We got to interact with each other and be silly as our characters.  We even got some professional photos taken of us!  I can't wait for those to be uploaded so I can share them with everyone :D  We got some awesome shots from that shoot!

Bandits and I entered in the masquerade as separate entries and we experienced pre-judging for the first time.  Each of us were given a time slot where we would meet with all the judges at once.  During my pre-judging it was discovered that my right thigh armour was rapping on the inside.  I was forced to undo the faster that caused the craft foam to rip so that further damage could be prevented.  I am going to have to find a way to fix it for the future (I will most likely superglue the craft foam in place).  I also forgot to bring printed out references of my costume so I ended up having to show them pics on my phone.

Right before leaving Montreal I came up with a really great performance idea.  I choose to go the "totally-out-of-character" route.  My entry was titled "Miss Hyrule" and for my walk-on I did a catwalk type of thing to "Sexy Back".  If you wish to see the performance and laugh at the MC's comments then click here.  Bandits went for a very elegant and princess-like walk-on and that performance can be found here.  After the masquerade entries finished, the AMV winners were shown to the audience (the judges deliberated during this intermission).

Those AMV's were freaking awesome!  Some of them were really well done!  My favourite one was made to look like an upcoming feature film.  The masquerade award ceremony was held right after (which was awesome as we were only staying for one day).  Bandits won the award for Best Advanced Craftsmanship and I won the award for the Best Advanced Walk-On :D  We were handed certificates as well as handmade bomb candles (which I will never light lol).

We decided to stay a bit longer as there was a charity auction with some interesting items for sale.  I bid on a Magic Knight Rayearth DVD set but I didn't win it.  I didn't have enough money and I wasn't about to pay more than $20 for it.  During the auction we found a Link and a Malon and took some pictures together :D

I would definitely go back again, maybe as a panelist and for more than one day next time!